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Address: No 1 Chaoyang Road,
         Nanding town.
         Zhangdian District
P.C.:  255000
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    Zibo Zhuoxin Steam Turbine Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of industrial steam turbine integrated with scientific research and production. From 1987 the company initiated minitype baekpressure turbo generator sets and industrial turbomachine, which were listed a Spark Program 281 by the natinoal scientific development administration and recommended as the excellent achievements and energy saving products throughout the country in 1994. An article "Boiler Abundant Pressure Electricity Generation" with name signature released in Science and Technology Daily published in May 22, 1991 specially introduced our products expatiated the importance of the development of thermoelectricity energy saving. In 1992 Shanghai Science and Education Film Studio came to ourcompany for the purpose of a special science and educational film "Boiler Abundant Pressure Electricity Generation".
  The company is located in Zhangdian District Zibo City, extends in all directions, easy access with Ji-Qing Highway and Jiao-Ji Railway near the north and 205 National Highway near the west. There are 168 staff members, among whom 26 are engineers and technicians, 8 of sinior title of professional post and 18 of primary and midle title of professinal post, these are either experts of many years experience in the designation of heating power or young specialists of rich theory and practice in this profession. Thus a strong research team of complete professionals and production development has come into being in the company by means of making use of talents and technology from high rank universities.
  The perfect quality inspection system capable of controlling the quality of our products from materials, production organization to the completion and service of our products. All performances of our products are proved to meet national standards with all indexes lead the profession in the country, a notable economic and social benefit year by year.
  Our minitype backpressure turbo generator sets are highly appreciated by customers for its small size (single layer arrangement of cost saving}, easy installation, reliable quality, stable performance and favorable price, much in demand in provinces like Herilongjiang, Jilin, Sichun, Inner Mogolia, Shanxi, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zejiang, Shanghai,
Guangdong, Hubei, Henan, Hebei and etc.
  Eterprise spirit: Technological innovation, superexcellence pursue, quality first, reputation as the topmost.

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